product reviews

product reviews

Product review for Become a blog boss

Instructor/Owner Lynne Gabriel-Caine

Price $1997.00/ now $997.00

Guarantee NONE

Training for the program

81 lectures

Step by step instruction on the program and how to set up a word press blog

ways to drive traffic and an email list


You get a free binder, coffee mug, and pen

Worksheets and printables to download

Lifetime access to the program

checklists to help you stay organized


Facebook group

1 on 1 email coaching with the instructor for 60 days


worksheets and printables may make it easier to stay organized

You also have access to all the courses (lectures at once) so you can work at your own pacConsns


To me the price is super high


This program is for someone who wants to start a blogging business

The program is pricey to me